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Ambassador Caterers

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Wedding Menu 

Hors de ouvres

Tortilla rollups
Meat balls plum sauce
Grilled scallops in bacon
Smoked salmon bilinis


Glazed ham on bone mustards
Marinated roast beef horseradish sauce & gravy
Chicken Stanley
Gourmet Minted Potatoes
Moroccan Style Vegetable Medley
Mesculin Salad
Cracked Pepper Vinaigrette Pasta Salad
Assorted Breads & Butter



Mini eclairs & slices
Assorted Cheeses Crackers & fruits
Tea & Coffee

Includes staff to prepare, serve, and clean up & all serving equipment.
The Hireage of Crockery, cutlery, linen, venue set up & bar we leave to you.

06 3788535 (W)
06 3788184 (H)
or 027 4439 044 (C)

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Who uses us

Goldern Shears Event

golden shears

The world's premier shearing and woolhandling championship takes place in Masterton, 'capital' of New Zealand's Wairarapa region.

We have been catering the Goldern Shears for over 20 years.

Recent Events

Mother's Day

scones Gallery (Click) 

Small family events, or large family reunion. We can cater to your location a variety of foods for your event.

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